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Melch Me Burger

Kent Melcher, a former health inspector, and his wife Brenda founded Melch’s Meat Wagon (MMW) in late 2012. MMW is one of the newest food trucks in the Twin Cities area and has already been receiving many fans and rave reviewsIt is a food truck for the carnivore in all of us!

The evolving and revolving menu is based on various kinds of meat. Meat is what we love to eat and what we love to cook. We have our base of burgers and rotate in other food items, like exotic meats and different sausages. The regular menu items like beef, pork and chicken will be served along with other meats like goat, rabbit and alligator ribs. Melch’s Meat Wagon uses premium meats and cheeses; everything is made to order and served on bakery fresh pretzel buns that are toasted to perfection with each sandwich.

Miss Piggy Burger

Miss Piggy Burger

Our signature burger is called The Melch Me. It is a burger, topped with a chicken breast, bacon and two slices of cheese all stacked up on a pretzel bun. We also have the Miss Piggy. It is ground pork topped with a sausage, bacon and cheese.

We also have plans for one called the “All In”. It will consist of every kind of meat we have in the truck all stacked together. Everyone will have to keep checking back with the truck and our website to see what new creations we are putting together.

Also, we are proud to be a member of the Minnesota Food Truck Association.

Brenda Melcher-Melch's Meat Wagon